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Ramiro Oblitas is a designer with more than 20 years of experience working with people, institutions and brands. Ramiro believes that visual communication is an interplay of images, context, and culture. In our history, the art of creating illusions and ideologies through rituals and the power of storytelling has played a significant role in shaping our beliefs and perceptions. These practices have evolved into a vital component of modern communication, especially in the realm of brand building. In today's world, brand creation is not just about physically building it, but also creating a mental image in people's minds and connecting it to influence their behaviour. Design is fundamentally a problem-solving exercise that can be applied to any sector, discipline or media. But not until a design evokes a strong emotional response, it becomes timeless and memorable. It creates a deeper connection with people, making it more desirable and long-lasting.


Ramiro has worked with a variety of projects within art and commerce on a global scale, delivering solutions that range from identity systems and visual communication to packaging and digital platforms. His work has been recognised with multiple awards, publications, and exhibitions, and he actively contributes to the design community as a speaker, writer, and judge. Ramiro believes that at the heart of all great design is a simple idea. He cautions against unnecessary complexity, highlighting the power of simple, beautiful design to elevate brands, change behaviour and drive commercial success.

Portfolio available on request.